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Welcome, Ivo here.

I hope you find what you are looking for. 

In the About section you can get some info about - that's right, you guessed it already! - who I am, what I do and what drives me. Some undergoing and previous professional projects can be found here


If I can be of any assistance, feel free to get in touch.

Meanwhile, thanks for visiting.

Feel home.

This personal website is a work in progress, being all developed by myself which, unfortunately, doesn't mean I'm a genius coder or an extraordinary designer - as you can see :) It just means that I like to get things done. And when I don't know how to do something, I have no problem at all in learning it from scratch. So, here's the result of a few days of tutorials and reading.

I kindly invite you to get in touch and give some feedback, specially if you find any typo, a mistake or if you just feel like saying hi. I will surely get back to you, eventually sooner than you expect: is my personal e-mail.

Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by and for reading these small letters. I appreciate it!

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