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I'm a sports enthusiast, particularly curious about the game and the industry of Football. Born in Portugal, I graduated in Economics from Nova BSE in 2006 and completed the MBA in Sports Management in Madrid in 2019, following several years developing diverse projects, most of which related to the sports industry and football.

I’ve been working independently on a project-basis system, namely consulting and advising elite athletes on their careers and communication on one hand, and working with football clubs on the other, by reporting on potential signings, scouting and dealing on transfer negotiations. Some of those projects can be consulted here.

The direct contact with both clubs, athletes, coaches, agents and media has provided me different perspectives that result in a fairly relevant global overview and knowledge of both the game and the industry of football. 

Alongside with the activities related to sports, my professional experience entails domestic and international experience in business management, particularly in sales and marketing. I've been fortunate to cooperate with different size companies and participate in varied projects: sports and media, building materials and supplies, IT (augmented and virtual reality), real estate promotion, and in the public sector - my first job immediately after graduating was with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Portugal.

I also speak fluent English, Spanish and Polish and know the basics of German. French and Italian languages will be next. 

When I'm not working, I can probably be found close to the Ocean, as one of my favorite hobbies is Surfcasting, or maybe at the nearest sports ground either playing or just watching sports.

As a true foodie, I like to try all types of ethnic food and discover the perfect wine to match it. I love to cook and experiment.

Behavioral economics, technology and politics are some of my favorite subjects for a good, non-football related, conversation. Specially when these topics come up at the table and I’m surrounded by like-minded people.

I’m always ready to travel, to meet people and to learn.

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